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Nathalie Bénet is Assistant Professor at the Toulouse School of Management (IAE de Toulouse) - Toulouse 1 Capitole University, and member of the Center of Research in Management (CRM UMR 5303). Her research focuses on management control systems in service activities, and especially the banking sector. More particularly, it focuses on both performance measurement and incentive systems, and considers strategic and operational level. On the one hand, the research relates particularly to non-financial performance measurement use in incentive systems at the level of the personnel in contact with customers. On the other hand, the research considers issues related to the implementation process of strategic management control systems and more particularly the Balanced Scorecard. These research activities, rooted in management control, adopt a multidisciplinary approach, also mobilizing literature in marketing, strategy and human resources.

Paper related to the cooperative banking sector:

- Paper in submission
Bénet, N., Deville, A., Naro, G. 2016. Balanced Scorecard and Business Model as a package: An illustrative case study. Submitted on January, 23rd 2016 to Journal of Applied Accounting Research.