A substantial body of literature has emerged on bank efficiency (Belke et al., 2016; Fiordelisi, 2007; Luo et al., 2016; among others), but most of them focus on the economical efficiency, using the cost-benefit analysis. In general, the economical efficiency has based on cost reduction (Berger and Humphrey, 1997; Chortareas et al., 2013), but a more social efficiency could be developed (San-Jose et al., 2014) in which market based social aspects could be used; at least, to show the social efficiency based on social values that go through the market. These social values fail to expose the total social value generated by organizations, but at least they represent a part of it (Gutierrez et al., 2017).


Leire San-Jose, Jose Luis Retolaza and Eric Lamarque