27/11/2016 Conferences / Meetings

The Chair MGCF breakfast meetings : Performance, Management and Values in Cooperative Banks - september 27 2016

Co-leaders: Prof. Aude Deville, Nathalie Bénet, Séverine Ventolini

The meeting aimed to provide a milestone analysis and set out the basic points of the research progress (Project 2 – Axis 1)

The objective:

Following the proposal for collaboration of the MGCF partners in the research “Values and performances of cooperative banks”, a list of interviews has been carried out and the first results have provided an interesting basis for the debate.

The meeting was particularly addressed to the MGCF partners’ personnel (Féd BP, Féd CE and BPCE) and more precisely to those interviewed in the framework of the research. We registered the participation of: Hervé Guider EACB, Isabelle Zigliara and Didier Rouseau FNBP, Sylvain Viollet BPVF, Stéphane Corre and Anne-Charlotte Delort BRED, Kani Houdert FNCE.

The organization of the meeting as a workshop has been defined as innovative and very interesting, ensuring high quality free-to-speak exchanges.